From Anywhere
To Anywhere

Global Sourcing is not just
only meant for industries but for
individuals as well


Why Global Sourcing?

Cost Effective

Reliable Supply-Chain

Warehousing and Logistics

EB is serving industries and individuals across the globe to provide strong back support to their procurements.
We provide low-cost and cost efficient product options to boost your businesses from manufacturing hubs across the world.

We provide you an access to skills and resources that are not available in your home-nation.
We provide most cost effective product options.
We curate services and products as per the individuals demand.



Perfect for small to medium businesses,

new start ups, import agencies,

distributors, E-commerce sellers.

EB is the fastest solution to utilize Global Sourcing for your business growth.

            -Understanding Product Specifications, Desired Lot Size and unit price.

                – Deciding appropiate sourcing country based on Requirement Analysis, Supplier evaluation, selection and finalization as per product specification

                – For Sampling, Price and order size

                – For Sampling, Price and order size

                – Handling customs and charges

                – Co-ordination with freight forwarders to get it smoothly available at your doorstep

Always lookout for the options readily available in the market as it will save you tonnes of money.

---- Always evaluate alternatives-----



                – Understanding Product Specification and intricate details associated.

                – Lot size

                – Product Photo and Physical Sample

                – Evaluating manufacturers and their residing country as per the product

                                Parametres includes:

  1. Cost Effective Product price
  2. Optimal production time

                                                3.Mandatory compliances

  1. Feasible shipping

                – Mould, Dye, Frame Preparation (Charges would be bear by buyer)

                – Sample Preparation

                – Testing of sample and  providing the desired quality assurance

                – Any changes required based on sample review.

                – Unit Packaging and bulk packaging

                – Branding and Private labels

                – Customs Handling & Tarrifs

                – Working with Freight Forwarders loading and loading.



EB lets their clients experience a whole new perspective about Supply-Chain Solutions.

Countries we served

- United States Of America


- United Kingdom

- Australia

- United Arab Emirates

- New Zealand

- Egypt

- Saudi Arabia

- Malaysia

- China

- Germany

- Maldives

- Israel

Categories we served

- Copper

- Brass

- Stainless Steel

- Wood

- Ceramic

- Iron

- Packaging Items

- Paper Products

- Textiles

- Food and Vegetables

- Jute

- Bamboo