Businesses looking for small scale solutions.


Are you into product selling?

Amazon, Ebay or Own E-com or even have a physical store

Bleu is a blend of customizable services that helps you minimize your product buying process, providing you with plenty of customizing services and delivering those in a short span of time.

- We offer flexible product sourcing option feasible to your requirement.

- We realize that every Amazon seller or E-com owner requires his own essence in his product. SO, we created Bleu to serve everyone under one roof.


Who are we
serving via Bleu?

Designed to provide a better way of product fulfillment to small and medium businesses.

We realized that small and medium business face problem of product procurement due to lack of product customization, desired packaging and shipping services available for their small order quantity from the manufacturer.

EB is built to serve only that exact purpose for it’s clients. EB unlike other market players keep strong eye on fulfilling orders be it 50 or 5000 instead on only fulfilling bulk orders.

Our business aims to challenge the traditional sourcing methods by providing modern and practical  solutions for buying and selling accross the globe.

Wide manufacturing collaborations help us in achieving this idea.

We have strong and reliable connections with our associated manufacturers in every category we serve who are always ready to take up challenges and opportunities in their work in terms on any customization required.


We along with our manufacturer and service providers are committed to provide our BLEU clients their wished product and services whatever it takes. Each product undergoes their keen eyes and they provide the most feasible solution keeping in mind the pricing of the product remains effective for any minimum order quantity.

BLEU is most demanded service of our in the current market situation helping 500+ clients in their desired product quest.


Services Offered

            -Supplier selection, negotiation, sampling and order management.

                – Product designing, branding, cross product and individual packaging.

                – labelling and packaging as per FBA norms.

                – Shipping and Logistics, Air and Sea. 

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